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What is a Dipping Tank?

A Dipping Tank is essentially a modern alternative to the common water butt, a convenient source of rainwater... but it’s much more...


  • A sustainable source of rainwater to keep your garden and house plants watered throughout the year.
  • A place to grow aquatic / moisture loving plants.
  • A innovative way to water your house plants and seed trays by capillary action (see accessories).
  • As a raised pond, an ideal home for small fish.


  • Quicker to fill your watering can than using a tap - No more holding the watering can under the tap whilst it gets heavier and heavier. A quick dip and you’re off!
  • A way of attracting more wildlife.
  • Improve how eco-friendly your garden is by using less tap water.
  • A replacement for your water butt.
  • An eye-catching focal point - Add our blade style waterfall for extra interest (see accessories).

    Position your Dipping Tank close to a gutter downpipe and attach an ordinary diverter, this is all your need to harvest rainwater successfully. Alternatively have the water run directly into the tank from your greenhouse or potting shed gutter.

      The Dipping Tank Company's tanks are professionally TIG welded to give a high quality uniform finish. All tanks are aluminium so there's no possibility of rust. All tanks are powder coated to give long term protection and a modern style. The powder coating’s robust nature also allows the tanks to stay looking fresh year after year. The facia is treated kiln dried timber which, if you choose, can be further treated with a wood preserver for added protection. Perhaps you want your Dipping Tank to match your fence, shed or decking? Choose to have the facia unpainted and finish it to your own style.

      Our garden Dipping Tanks will be right at home in the most popular spot in your garden.

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